Bookings are subject to availability. We aim to provide available daycare time in fair proportion to the passes purchased by our clients and will open more and more days as the business grows. Bookings are only taken for dogs who have completed the application and assessment process and been approved for daycare.

Entering/Exiting The Playroom

During your assessment and orientation, we will go through our entry procedure and how to best enter a room where other dogs are already off-leash and at play. Dogs get very excited by the arrival of a new dog and often rush to greet them. This excitement can make entering the room an experience and staff will be there to help out. Dogs who enter on leash often feel trapped by their leash. After the greeting takes place, the dogs calm down, play, and just hang out together. After gaining some experience entering the playroom, your dog will become a pro and not be fazed by it.


Phone or text: (204) 223-1588
Your booking is not finalized until we confirm back to you by phone or email.