Grooming Services

It is very important to us to be able to provide your beloved pets with the highest quality service and the most individualized attention. In order to do this, we deliberately maintain a small operation. No-shows and last minute cancellations greatly affect our ability to provide our specialized services to our clients.

We will only be able to continue to operate at such a high level if everyone is respectful of our policies and procedures regarding late fees, no-shows, and cancellations.


Nail Trim - $11.50

Toy/Small Dog Grooming - $58.50+

Medium/Large Dog Grooming - $61.50+ - $76.50+

All of our rates listed are before-taxes and subject to change.


Prices are given in a range where the exact amount is dependent on the size, condition, and the special needs of the individual dog.

Prices do not include GST + PST which will be applied at time of payment.