General Policies

Please understand that we deliberately maintain a small operation in order to provide individualized attention that is of the highest quality.

When a client cancels at the last minute, their spot may not get filled that day. When someone has booked a spot, but does not show up, their spot will definitely be empty that day. The number of dogs booked into the daycare is based on specific drop off and pick up times and straying from them affects the other dogs in daycare.

As such, we have the following policies:

The daycare doors are locked between 9:30am and 3:30pm. Please notify us in advance if you are dropping off after 9:30am or picking up before 3:30pm. 

Late Pick-Up Fees

Pre-notification appreciated. Late fee payable upon arrival.

10 – 15 minutes = $5
16 – 30 minutes = $10
30 – 59 minutes = $20
60 minutes = $30

Arriving late for an end-of-day pick up means a staff member will have to stay late. It is only fair that they be properly compensated for their effort and time.


If you have booked a daycare spot and do not show up, you will be required to pay in full for the spot booked. Payment is due before your next booking. Only a certain number of dogs are taken in each day and if you do not show, the daycare suffers financially.


Cancellations must be made 24 hours or more in advance of your daycare day. Cancellations can be made by calling or texting 204-223-1588 or via email at

If a cancellation is made with less than 24 hours notice, payment the for missed day may be required before your next appointment.

Purchasing a ten or twenty day pass secures your dog’s spot on his/her regular day in daycare. If you are unable to bring your dog to daycare on their scheduled day please provide at least 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in the missed day being counted on the pass.

Unless there is a dog wait-listed for the same day, or a short-notice booking comes in, the spot you have canceled may not get filled and the daycare suffers financially.

Poor Driving Conditions

If we feel the winter road conditions are not suitable for driving on the day of your booking, we will notify you that morning and no cancellation penalty will apply.

Thank you for your understanding. Our clients appreciate that our operation is intimate and personal. In order to keep it as such, we need to have the above policies in effect.


Health Policies

Dogs must be healthy and not injured in order to attend daycare. Dogs who have been injured should not attend daycare until their vet says they can resume such activities. Dogs who have been ill (ie – multiple days of vomiting or diarrhea) should refrain from attending daycare for 10 days. Puppies should not attend until they have received their final set of booster shots.

Dogs should be neutered or spayed. Some exceptions may be possible (eg: show dogs, breeding dogs) on an individual case basis and pending assessment of the dog’s temperament and ability to interact with other dogs. Females in heat should not attend during their cycle.

Owners with new dogs should ensure their dog has been in their home for at least 2 weeks and has been healthy throughout those 2 weeks before attending daycare.

Full Vaccinations Required

Dogs should be fully vaccinated (Distemper, Parvo, Rabies) according to their vet’s protocol. The Bordatella vaccine is not required to attend daycare. Should you and your Veterinarian decide the Bordatella vaccination is in the best interest of your dog the dog SHOULD NOT attend daycare for 7 days after receiving the vaccination. Please ensure you make your vet aware that your dog attends daycare with a variety of other dogs.

Vaccination Certificate Required

As part of the Application and Assessment Process, owners must provide a Vaccination Certificate signed by their vet, or a recent Titre Test, or a signed letter from the vet explaining why the dog is not fully vaccinated.

Please note – receipts, or itemized lists of services received from a vet are insufficient. A Vaccination Certificate shows not only the vaccinations given, but the date your vet considers them next due.


General Release of Liability

Dogs will be dogs, no matter how well they are supervised. All dogs attend at their owners’ risk. All owners must sign our General Release of Liability.


Medical Release

In an effort to take the utmost care of your dog, we also request the owner sign our Medical Release, giving us permission to seek emergency medical attention as needed and at the owner’s expense.